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Disturbingly Decent Day [Dec. 10th, 2005|12:11 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Dane Cook- Retalliation]

Today didn't turn out all too bad, except for the fact that I'm pretty close to broke. I've been living with no paycheck for about 3 weeks now. I've made my money last that long. I only had about $200 to begin with. I've got about $50 left. I put $30 in my tank earlier, and it filled it up, and I drove all the way home, and I still have a full tank. It took $30 because I use 91. I have to, because my engine is turbo'd. If I put anything less that 91, my turbo will blow out.

Other than my money issues, life isn't all too bad. I have some of the greatest friends a guy could ask for, I have an awesome family that loves me...I think that I'm going to be taking on more responsibilities soon at my day job. I had to drive out to meet an attorney while our computer tech was on vacation, and it went exceptionally well. So, I was told to buy some nicer dress clothes, that I would be visiting attorneys more often. So, hopefully, a rising weekly paycheck is in order.

I really enjoy going to the attorney's offices...It's like, I've been talking to these people on the phone for such a long time, and I've never actually laid eyes on them. So, I get to go there, and the are already so comfortable with me, so everything goes so smoothly. For most people, talking in person is so much harder than to talk on the phone. Most people have no problem on the phone...Well, I'm not like that. I'm good on the phone, but better in person. Talking in person helps me get my point across a lot easier. I have the visual advantage. I am a man of many gestures that work to my advantage to help accentuate my verbal abilities.

So, I'm having to catch another job at Domino's Pizza for the extra cash until I can make more at my day job. I really don't want to, just because it will use up any spare time that I may have. Time is very precious to me, and I don't have a lot of it now-a-days. I'm beginning to regret financing my car. I mean, granted, it's going to look GREAT on my credit in the next 2 years. The reason I even thought of doing this is for my future. Soon, I will get a credit card, and begin to continue making my credit better. In the time it takes to pay off my car, I will be saving money, and building credit. After a few years, I plan on putting a nice down payment on a home, and gathering up a couple of friends to move in with me :D

So, I'm doing my best to view the glass as half full. Life isn't all that bad...As long as that's the way you make it out. I'm just happy that I'm able to share this life with the ones I love! Well, I'll cease from boring you to death. I will talk to you guys and gals later.


[User Picture]From: pharaohslove
2006-05-06 03:55 am (UTC)
Wow you wrote...last year, but nonetheless. I dont get on here much anymore, I only write from time to time. But thought I'd stop by and say hi.
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